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Paul Bishop

Paul Bishop

Founder and Principal – Next Horizon+ LLC

Paul earned a B.S. in Economics and Philosophy (George Fox University) and an M.B.A. in International Marketing (Duke University, magna cum laude). Paul has 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical marketing capability development, strategic marketing, brand building, strategic planning (marketing and enterprise-wide with businesses and non-profit organizations), market research, and sales management. .


  • Started the marketing capability development group of a major, global pharmaceutical company, and played critical roles in it over two decades.

  • External experts noted improvement in marketing capabilities from “no competitive advantage” to “industry-leading and among the best of the Fortune 200.”

  • Led the development and implementation of a cross-functional launch excellence framework, processes and tools.

  • Paul’s core expertise is the ability to vividly define success and systematically identify what must be done to achieve it.


Paul savors new experiences with family and friends - especially culinary and performing arts. Paul also enjoys visual arts, nature photography, landscape design, road bicycling, reading, and tackling existential challenges.